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2019 Membership FAQs

By Phoenix Rising, 06/01/18, 1:30PM MST


1. What is the subscription model?
With the subscription 
model you will be paying a price per month rather than a price per match. The subscription model provides an affordable way to enjoy Phoenix Rising in a way that suits you. Plus, flexible payment options!

2. What happens if I purchase a 3 or 6 month subscription, but then I want to add more months?
The 3 and
6 month subscription has the ability to rollover for an additional term. A Phoenix Rising representative will reach out to you 30 days prior to your current term ending to see if you would like to extend your membership and/or cancel.

3. Are subscriptions pro-rated if you already missed a match that month?
Subscriptions are not pro-rated. Each subscription will start on the first of every month. If you purchase your subscription during the middle of the month, the price will stay the same. 

4. I received a priority number from renewing/purchasing season tickets last year. If I purchase the 3 month subscription does that mean I lose my priority number?
unfortunately you will lose your priority number if you select a 3 month subscription or do not renew at all. If you purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription, your priority number will remain the same.

5. Is my subscription for consecutive months, or can I pick and choose which months I want?
Your subscription is for consecutive months only. If you were to do a
3 month subscription in March, your subscription would cover March, April and May.

6. What is an MLS priority number? How do I know what my number is?
Your MLS priority number is your spot in line for selecting your seats should we be granted an MLS expansion spot. It is also the number we use for reseating/seat upgrades at the end of each USL season. Your priority number is based off the time of your initial purchase of season tickets. If you purchased season tickets but do not renew, your priority number will reset. To find out your priority number call our hotline or your ticket representative. As long as you renew as a member each year, your priority number will not change.

7. There is only one price listed for sideline sections, what are the prices for each section?
That is correct! All reserved seating is the same price this year. By being a Phoenix Rising subscriber, you will have the ability to pick the any reserved seat at no additional cost.

8. Are playoff tickets included with my membership?
Playoff tickets are not included with your membership.

9. Where can I use Rising Bucks at?
You can use your Rising bucks at either of the two Snack Shacks located at the Phoenix Rising Soccer Complex on match days. The Snack Shack features Venezia’s pizza, hot dogs, coke products and much more! 

10. What is the promo pass and what is it good for?
Missed out on getting a t-shirt from one of our Blackout nights? The promo pass saves you the fan giveaway item each match, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on our awesome giveaways! No more having to arrive early to ensure you get your Bobblehead, etc. Simply show up, head to our Sales Table and we will have your giveaway item waiting for you.

11. Can I purchase a kid’s club ticket for suites or field seats?
Kid’s club tickets are only eligible for our sideline and supporter sections.

12. What is the Merchandise Discount?
The merchandise discount is tiered based on your subscription length (10%, 15%
and 20%). The discount can be used online via a code to be provided monthly or by using your membership card at either of your merchandise stores at the Phoenix Rising Soccer Complex on match day.

13. Are the t-shirt club shirts exclusive or can I purchase at Just Sports? 
The t-shirts available for the t-shirt club are exclusive and not available for purchase elsewhere. Many of the shirts will be produced and designed by our friends at State
Forty Eight

14. Are the exclusive subscription membership t-shirts ordered to size?
Yes! You will fill out a fan profile before the start of your membership where you will indicate what size t-shirt you would like. 

15. If I purchase the 12-month subscription and opt in for the 12-month payment plan, when do my payments start?
Your account will be charged for the 1st and last month at your time of renewal, and remaining payments will automatically start on Feb 1