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Statement From Phoenix Rising Soccer Club

By Phoenix Rising FC Communications, 08/27/17, 12:30PM MST


Last night, in order to comply with USL stadium regulations and Phoenix Rising Football Club safety policies, our Front Office asked a Supporters’ Group, Los Bandidos, to remove a banner displaying a crossed-out Swastika.  Although the purpose of the banner was to “Stop Racism,” which is permitted as a message in our stadium, baiting artwork, such as a crossed-out Swastika, invites the most disgusting element in our society to deliver a thuggish rejoinder which has no place in our stadium.

Phoenix Rising FC did not intend for our friends from Los Bandidos to leave our stadium, and apologize if our communications during the match did not properly demonstrate our respect and appreciation for its members.  In fact, Phoenix Rising FC fully and unequivocally supports the “Stop Racism” sentiment of the banner and believes all people should be treated equally and with love.

Phoenix Rising Football Club strongly denounces the heinous actions we’ve seen perpetrated by hate groups in the United States in recent weeks and we want to be clear with our fans of all races and backgrounds that we fully stand with them.