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QUOTE SHEET: Phoenix Rising FC 3-1 Sacramento Republic FC 8.26.17

By PRFC Communications, 08/27/17, 12:00AM MST


Head Coach Patrice Carteron

On picking up the three points:

“Yeah, not easy for us because you know last night was the reserve…. for Oklahoma… and we won against Orange County so we know before this game that we have many game to play comparing to our opponent, but we need points if we want to be ready for the battle of the playoffs so it was very important for us to start this series of game home by…against a very good team of Sacramento. We know that, so I am very proud about the attitude of the players. We are not that…. the last game away. We drew two times. We could have won two times. We won in LA…. two points away, but we could’ve won those games. We lost players. Yellow card, red card, and two times we obtained two goals in the last minute, so really, I am so happy and proud tonight that we played with more confidence. We had some difficult moments but there was also a lot of quality in the game today, many good passes, many offensive interesting situations for us, Jason Johnson, Chris Cortez, Shaun Wright-Philips, Alessandro Riggi. All of them offensively were really good today. We could have scored more goals, and defensively we had good intensity as well so I am really happy for our fans because they deserve those three points tonight and they deserve that kind of game so we are progressing step by step and I am really proud tonight about our game.

On the current form of his team:

“I can variate, this season is not easy for the players because it is hard to know more from them and as they are to learn from me also so it takes time. Football is not that easy to change everything. Right now, I think we are on a positive vibe. We are playing better week after week and many players can play right now they are ready physically. Most of them are ready physically we can see that no matter Victor Vasquez is starting on the left side or Dia right now we have other player ready no so we are ready now, as I said we are ready now for the battle of the playoff and the defense I would have liked them to have a clean sheet, but anyways those three points are more important than anything else and we must keep on progressing like this.

On the play of goalkeeper Carl Woszczynski:

“Really, I am really lucky because we have two fantastic goalkeepers. Every day after training no matter if they start or if they are on the bench two of them are really fantastic, very good attitude. One has the experience, Carl, and one is very young; 24 years old for a goalkeeper is very young so Josh must keep on progressing, but he has an amazing potential so I really believe in the two of them and I am sure that the two of them will keep progressing. And that’s it.

On facing a team that had played a midweek game:

“We had to work, we had to work this week physically because we knew that it was a second game for them of the week so I really had the feeling that if we worked hard physically this week then we would be better than them physically that’s of course a detail we must consider to prepare the player to be ready and also its good experience for us because in a few days starting from next week we’ll play every few days. That’s why from now I have to pay attention. For example, tonight I decided that Blair Gavin, that was fantastic the last game, to let him rest on the bench because also the opportunity for Keven Lambert to start a game home 90 minutes. He did a great game or so-so. I am really happy because most of our players are progressing by getting better week after week and I need to do the rest to be one hundred percent.

On getting offensive contributions from new players:

“Sometimes when you have that kind of fantastic player like Didier (Drogba), the other players don’t realize that also themselves, they can prove that they are a good player so I am happy that the offensive players also have more confidence right now and understand that as Didier is not here we have to give more in order for us to be as good offensively as we are when Didier is playing, so I am happy about the result and the performance of most of them and it’s good for us of course. Mentally its fantastic for us to have those three points tonight and to be back in the top nine.”

On the upcoming schedule:

“This game, and after a few days, after Orange County and after, we know that we are the team that has the most games to play at the end, so we know that everything is in our hands. That’s why I could feel that the players were really motivated.”


Forward Chris Cortez

On getting the win:

“Yeah, absolutely. I think for us it’s also key to take advantage of the games in hand. I think that’s one of the biggest things for us as we spoke about it in the build-up to this and everything is just being able to use that to our advantage. The fact that we have games in hand on everyone and now we just need to take advantage and control our own destiny.”

On how he scored his goal:

“Yeah, no. Excellent delivery, it made my life really easy all I have to do was glance a header in. It’s tons of pace and exactly right on my head so I don’t have to do a lot on it.”

On having an advantage with Sacramento having played a midweek game:

“Yeah you know they’re on the road, they also played a game midweek and stuff like that so for us it was really to set the tone and also be able to set the tone at home. I think we’ve done very well to do that and I thought today was another great example of that.”

On meshing with other forwards:

“I think, you know, having played the last few games together and stuff and everything is all healthy you know. It’s just that things tend to click the more and more you play together and everything. Training during the week and working on patterns and different things and stuff like that and training together with everyone and then playing being able to play in games is kind of that final product and I think this kind of sums that all up.”

On having success after coming back from injury:

“No, pretty ideal, you know. Very happy to be able to help the team and helping us get results. You know grinding out some ties when we’re a man down on the road and then being able to get some wins you know away to Galaxy and then now. You know back here at home being able to come back after a long road trip and be able to get a win for the fans.

On his team relying on depth during four match unbeaten streak:

“Yeah, absolutely. I think we have a quality squad you know, I think we have great depth and we can really trust anyone coming on; I think we’ve seen that. We’ve had one or two changes in the lineup in the last couple games due to injuries or suspensions or different things and it’s been pretty seamless, the transition. It just comes down to style of play and stuff like that, but I think we have plenty of guys on the bench and around and that all creates competition for places and also when it comes to those games on Wednesday, Saturday or Wednesday, Sunday and stuff like that I think it’ll be great and we know we can definitely get a lot of results going in because we have the players for it.

On the performance of goalkeeper Carl Wosczcysnki:

“He’s taken advantage you know, he’s shown it before in years previous and we all know what he can do and you know that’s the life of a goalie is to kind of be patient sometimes and when your time comes to be able to come out and take advantage and I think he’s done well and really stepped up. Backline as well has been very solid for us and been able to really grind out results and hold onto stuff so I think they’ve all been doing very well and working really hard. You know and the team shape I think it reflects that as well.”


Forward Jason Johnson

On scoring a goal:

“That was the main focus. In the first half, (Chris) Cortez got us a really good start. We haven’t really sored that early from the start of the season, so that was a big push for us. For me to get a second goal so early in the second half that helped us a lot and the momentum of the team. As you could see, they scored one a few minutes after, but I think the momentum from that goal and from the first half was just too strong.  

On if head coach Patrice Carteron game planned to attack down the wings:

“No, I think that’s just the focus and the mindset for the players and the coaching staff as well. From training, we have carried out all the actions that our coaches wanted us to do. I think we have done them really well; we played as a team today. Especially that first half was just focus as a team.

On how he has turned his game around over the last month and a half:

“Failure can be one of your best teachers. I think I learned a lot from that Reno game. The team depends on me to give a lot of energy and I try to do that day in and day out and fortunate to do that today and hopefully every day from now, that will be a consistent performance.”

On meshing with the rest of the forwards:

“I think it’s just movement, the energy, the talking, the free flow football. Playing with each other day in and day out in training has helped a lot, so just understand each players’ attributes, their talents; it’s easier to play with them in games.

In getting the three home points:

“When next Tuesday comes, hopefully we will be saying we work harder in this training, to hopefully do even better next week.”