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QUOTE SHEET: Phoenix Rising FC 2-1 Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC

By Phoenix Rising FC Communications, 07/15/17, 11:45PM MST


Head Coach Patrice Carteron
On his message to the team at the half:
“It was really not happy because I think the first ten minutes we were really good in this game and we concede a…goal. No intensity. They have good players of course but we cannot let them play as easily as they scored. Simple free kick, long ball, I control and I turn easily and I can score easily, so the minimum is to have more intensity. The first ten minutes we are perfect, after 
this we were very bad the rest of the first half so I really asked the players and I told to all the players at halftime that I was not happy. We changed…as you could see, but I gave all of them ten minutes because we had to play with more conviction, more intensity. I’m very proud and happy about the second half because against a very good team we did a fantastic second half and I’m proud that our fans with this weather came to support us and to give them these three points I’m very happy of.
On how he tried to limit Switchbacks’ speed:
“Yes, that’s part of the thing we have been working all the week we need to play with more intensity and more speed most of the time that’s why we need work we are working a lot. You know I’m only here for six weeks so step by step we are trying to get better we are still undefeated six games, four draws, two games won. We are for the first time we are in the (top) eight, so definitely our motivation is to qualify the team for the first time for playoffs and after we must keep on progressing. I know that everything is not perfect right now but I do believe in my boys, I believe in this club and I’m going to give my best for us to compete.
On Jason Johnson’s effort:
“You know he had a difficult game in Reno, and he knows I was expecting a lot from him and he had a very difficult game but yesterday evening I told him please don’t be sad because with the quality you have I’m sure that you will have your chance and the halftime immediately I saw that he will be the key
for success tonight.”
On having Didier Drogba kill off the game:
“That’s the best moment in football when you are waiting the referee to whistle, you are winning 2-1, all the stadium
waiting for this moment also so thank you for the fans once again and I’m really happy we gave them these three points.”
On his impression in the league:
“A lot of very good teams, not a lot of difference between the teams. In most of the teams we are competing against very good players so definitely we need to keep on progressing physically because the first week I had the feeling that we were suffering so much against most of our opponents and there are players with quality in most of the teams but fantastic league for us to compete.”
On what he has seen out of his team’s progression during his tenure:
“Definitely we need to, sometimes we are reacting most of the time. Today our reaction was fantastic, last week the ten last minutes in Orange County we were absolutely fantastic, but I would like my players to be more active from the start of the game. And luckily we did only concede one goal but that’s part of the thing we need to ameliorate in the future.”
On how the environment of the fans helped the team:
“I first said to the players that for me, my philosophy in football is that the three most important things are: One: the result; two: the result; three: the result. Because if you use every day to win, you like to win in the 
trainings then you will love to win the day of the game. That’s part of the thing I want our fans to feel that we are fighting every time to give them the three points. After, step by step, of course we want to play good football. I cannot play defensive football when so many thousand people are coming to support us, we have offensive players like Drogba as you said but we need to give him goals if we want the fans to be happy to see what he can do with the ball so definitely we need to progress but I’m so happy about what we did in here since last game.
Forward Didier Drogba
On how the team plays with him in the lineup:
“I think we have the desire to play with intensity so you need time for the players to understand that and for the body to get used to so I been here for like I think six weeks a little bit more and the team has improved. You know, before when we conceded that goal we would 
had lost the game and we have the spirit to come back. I have a great team, young guys full of energy like you saw today and the desire to win, here at home so makes things easier for me.
On who else on the team has impressed him:
“I think the whole squad because you can see people start and the guys that are on the bench could be disappointed but they come and they make a difference, they score goals, they win one against one’s and the team is fantastic so we praise the team.”
On the impact of Patrice Carteron:
“Patrice wants us to win every game, he wants us to win every game and that’s the mentality we need to have! You know you cannot win every time but at least you have to give everything and that’s what we’ve been doing the last few weeks.”
Forward Jason Johnson
On bouncing back after a rough game against Reno:
“That’s all about being a pro. You’re just trying to stay on top of your game, even when you have an off day or off
game. I’m happy to have such brilliant teammates to help you through. Trainings aren’t that easy so you’ve got to come with your A-game every day so that helps during the week. I just keep believing in myself, believing in my teammates and vice versa and I’m happy with the performance tonight.”
On scoring the game-tying goal:
I think it’s just wanting to get back in the game. Being one down at home is never a good thing and as a sub, your main aim is to lift the team energy. It’s something you can’t see, but when you give it, you feel it, and I was happy to do that for the team tonight.
On playing with Didier Drogba and Omar Bravo:
“The name alone just says it. Just their presence, although sometimes they don’t even need to kick a ball, it’s just their presence. Growing up watching what those guys did in the top leagues. It’s just an honor to play with them.”
On being part of Phoenix Rising’s first ever win over Colorado Springs:
“Happy. Last year we lost to them so I take great pride in this victory especially with me scoring.”
On what Patrice Carteron has meant to the team:
“I think everybody has their own way of coaching, their own way of implementing their style of play. I think Didier didn’t start playing until Patrice came as well. Both personalities help the team was well and we are able to perform the way we did tonight.”