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Drogba Roundup: An All Around Look Phoenix Rising FC's Historic Signing

By Phoenix Rising FC Communications, 04/15/17, 11:43AM MST


A Look Around The Web At How Drogba's Signing Was Covered
Rising TV: Didier Drogba Signs with Phoenix Rising FC 

Signing Drogba Delivers Exposure to Phoenix Rising FC's MLS Expansion Bid

AZ Central
Bickley: Soccer Revolution is Hitting Phoenix

AZ Central
Didier Drogba, eyeing MLS expansion, joins Phoenix Rising FC

New York Times
Didier Drogba, Famous Soccer Player, Joins Phoenix Rising, Not a Famous Soccer Team
Didier Drogba joins USL club Phoenix Rising FC as a player, part owner

The Guardian
Didier Drogba joins US side Phoenix Rising as player and co-owner

BBC Sport
Didier Drogba: Ex-Chelsea striker joins Phoenix Rising as player and co-owner (video)

Didier Drogba to become football's first player-owner at American club Phoenix Rising

Daily Mail
Chelsea legend Didier Drogba joins American side Phoenix Rising as both player AND part-owner

Sports Illustrated
Drogba signs with USL's Phoenix Rising, to become owner in club's MLS expansion quest

You've heard of player-managers, now Chelsea legend Didier Drogba is to be player-OWNER at American second-tier side (video)

Sky Sports
Didier Drogba hopes to lead Phoenix into MLS (video)

Fox Sports
Didier Drogba joins Phoenix Rising FC, eyes getting USL club in MLS

CBS Sports
Chelsea legend Didier Drogba joins USL as part owner and player for Phoenix Rising  

Sports Business Daily
Didier Drogba Joins Phoenix Rising FC As Player/Owner To Aid Club's Push For MLS

Didier Drogba Is The First Footballer To Play In A Club He Owns

IB Times
Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba joins second division American team Phoenix Rising as player and part owner

Evening Standard
Chelsea legend Didier Drogba becomes player and executive of US side Phoenix Rising

Didier Drogba Does Retired Person Thing, Moves To Arizona

Daily Star
Chelsea legend Didier Drogba announces new club (video)

Soccer America
USL: Drogba Rising to new challenge

Who Ate All The Pies
Phoenix Rising FC: Didier Drogba Joins Star-Studded USL Franchise As Player/Co-Owner
African legend Didier Drogba joins Phoenix Rising as player and co-owner

Bleacher Report
Didier Drogba Agrees to Player-Owner Contract with USL Club Phoenix Rising

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba clinches deal: He’s become the first player to do this

Pride of London
Didier Drogba hopes he can guide Phoenix’s rise to Major League Soccer

The Comeback
Didier Drogba signs with USL’s Phoenix Rising in the rare role of player-owner

Didier Drogba signs with USL's Phoenix Rising as player and executive (video)

Arizona Sports
Score! Phoenix Rising FC signs soccer legend Didier Drogba

Once a Metro
Official: Didier Drogba joins Shaun Wright-Phillips at Phoenix Rising FC

We Ain't Got No History
Didier Drogba makes history with next step in legendary career

Mount Royal Soccer
Didier Drogba joins Phoenix Rising as player and co-owner